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Intraoperative Case: Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion for L5-S1

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Treatment of Axial Neck Pain

The complete understanding of axial neck pain remains elusive. Its causes are multifactorial, and the commonly prescribed treatments are largely nonspecific. Surgical intervention remains controversial but potentially viable. Its overall modest outcomes success is predicated on the lack of a clear understanding of the source of pain. This chapter provides an update on the options and limitations of nonoperative therapies, spinal injection therapies, and surgical intervention.  Read more…Treatment of Axial Neck Pain

Cervical Disk Disease

The somewhat vague term, cervical disk disease, most often is used to describe degenerative pathology involving the cervical disk itself as well as associated clinical symptoms. So-called cervical disk disease encompasses a broad clinical spectrum in which the symptoms range from minimal axial neck pain to symptoms characteristic of myelopathy.  Read more…Cervical Disk Disease

Cervical Osteotomy Demonstration

 NASS Annual Meeting (Virtual), October 6 -9, 2020.

Anterior Cervical Surgery Airway Management Protocol

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