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Indiana Spine Group (ISG) is a private practice with fourteen spine surgeons and eight pain physicians, solely dedicated to the spine, with a significant academic background.  We have a robust research program, including past and current participation in numerous trials, four of us hold clinical professorships at Indiana University and we provide the adult spine education to the IU Orthopaedic residency, as well as, two PA programs.

ISG has a wide variety of interests within spine and differing perspectives on how to think.  Dr. Paul Kraemer’s interest (Harborview Fellowship, Jens Chapman) is in revision surgery including heavy emphasis on spinopelvic balance and short segment deformity correction.  Rick Sasso, MD (U Texas, Northwestern) has a long academic record particularly in the cervical spine and is a past president of the Cervical Spine Research Society, Joseph Smucker, MD (Emory) and Barrett Boody, MD (Jefferson) are also core members of the fellowship. We have added two new recent graduates, Drs. Mike McCarthy (HSS) and Jeff Konopka (Harvard) to the team as well, and they will be integrated as their practices mature. Our other physicians, within the practice, play a very important role with the fellowship program as well.

Indiana Spine Group combines the best of private practice with the best of academics.  We have tremendous volume, breadth, and complexity of cases and a strong educational program due to the diverse opinions and experience in pain, orthopaedics, deformity, and neurosurgery.

Our fellowship promises a well-rounded and modern experience, unlike much of what you see elsewhere.  We are a dedicated spine outpatient office, outpatient surgery center and inpatient hospital and our clinical experience at several nearby Indianapolis tertiary care hospitals is tenfold.

A fellow is a critical aspect of the orthopaedic residency program at Indiana University, assisting in the spine education of the residents. The stipend is above a PGY 6 salary, as well as, providing benefits including: malpractice insurance and health insurance for the fellow and family.

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Current Fellows

Dan Robinson, M.D.

Shah Ahmad, M.D.

Class of 2023

Jason Ye, M.D.

Brandon Petrone, D.O.

Class of 2022

Christina Hajewski, M.D.

Alan McGee, Jr., M.D.

Class of 2021

Cristian Balcescu, M.D.

Class of 2020

Daniel Leas, M.D.

Class of 2018

Ryan Snowden, M.D.