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We are proud to announce that Dr. Michael H. McCarthy, Indiana Spine Group, is the editor of the recently published textbook “The Successful Health Care Professional’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know But Weren’t Taught in Training.”

The goal of this concise guide is to provide a resource of “non-medical” skills and practices that have been shown to help healthcare trainees reach their peak performance.

There are many aspects of the healthcare education and training process that are necessary for excelling, preparing for the next stage, and thriving at the level of the trainee’s end goal. However, certain additional skills and principles are essential in reaching peak performance during training, career, and life. Often overlooked in formal training, these skills and principles can be found in a range of areas, including leadership, goal-setting, mentorship, relationships, skills-training, stoicism, and financial planning, to name just several. All are critical in medical-career development, but learning these skills and principles often requires searching through numerous resources to acquire the needed information.

This textbook will be of great interest to medical students, residents, fellows and all allied health professionals looking to develop the most successful and fulfilling career possible.